Subnivean never flees from chilling poems, penetrating stories, words that whip our perspectives around. Housed at the State University of New York at Oswego, where 4x more snow falls on our city than Manhattan, we’ve learned to persist. When winter comes, we reject migration. We use the cold itself as insulation.

Tyler Barton. Hazem Fahmy. Bethany Brengan. James Croal Jackson. Ceridwen Hall. David Osgood. Rishita Acharya. Miles Mikofsky. Abdulmueed Balogun. Daniel Romo. Carly Berwick. Shailesh Bhat. Michal Jones. Edward Sourby. Scott Nadelson. Zula Ovelgönne. 

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The weird, wild, wonderful writer also known as Lemony Snicket will select an irresistibly experimental story. 



The legendary April Sinclair is looking for a legendary short story: one that's unmistakably literary — a timeless classic in the making — yet leaves readers stunned, surprised, shivering. 



Distilled. Precise. Goosebump-raising and downright amazing. Luminary poet, playwright and children's book author Arisa White is looking for poems that shoot from the hip, heart and head.



2021 Firecracker Awards 


— Subnivean announced as a finalist 


May 10, 2021

If you feel the ground shaking beneath you today, that's the result of much barefoot jumping up and down by Subnivean's international community.


Why barefoot? Because this nod from the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) rocks our socks off!

Regardless of which deserving publication earns the top

Magazine: Best Debut prize at the June 23, 7pm EST awards ceremonySubnivean is honored to be among the Firecracker Awards finalists. We urge you to join us at this free, virtual event and check out the other finalist publications, as well: more good reading for your commute, lunch break or bedtime...

Literary Legends in Conversation

"I would recommend, like, a bottle of Jim Beam ... before Googling yourself."    — Daniel Handler

What do Lemony Snicket (AKA Daniel Handler), April Sinclair (whose book, Coffee Will Make You Black, will soon be a major motion picture) and luminary poet Arisa White have in common?

Subnivean. Catch these heavyweight authors in conversation, and then prepare to get read to like a baby at bedtime by the Subnivean Awards finalists: poets Chaun Ballard, Joan Kwon Glass, Canaan Morse and Emma Wynn; fiction writers Nicole Lynn Cohen, Jared Green, Angie Kang and Kyle Rea. 

Subnivean Awards Finalists Announced 

— Eight writers advance in the competition


March 10, 2021

Subnivean is honored to announce eight finalists:


Chaun Ballard — POETRY

Nicole Lynn Cohen — FICTION 

Joan Kwon Glass — POETRY

Jared Green — FICTION

Angie Kang — FICTION

Canaan Morse — POETRY

Kyle Rea — FICTION

Emma Wynn — POETRY

We look forward to hosting final judges Arisa White, April Sinclair and Daniel Handler in conversation, followed by a reading of the finalist poems and stories, which will be published in Issue 3.

WHEN?                                                      7pm EST / 4pm PST, April 22

HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS?          

COST OF ADMISSION?                            Whaaat?
                                                                   We wouldn't do you like that. $0.

Thanks to Our Readers for Putting Us on the Map


— News feature shines a bright spotlight


February 1, 2021

Thanks to all y'all, we've grown even since providing the numbers for this SUNY Oswego news feature

Beyond reaching thousands of readers around the globe in our first 4.5 months (on every continent but Antarctica: get with the program, penguins) we've received submissions from writers working in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Zimbabwe, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Australia, Palestine, Japan, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Austria, Portugal, Paraguay, Morocco, Norway, Germany, Nigeria, Ireland, Poland, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Paraguay, Palestine, Philippines, Kenya, Netherlands, Finland, Bolivia, South Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Israel and 46 U.S. states.

Update, 05/28/21: Thanks for joining the party, Myanmar, Russia and Turkey. You too, West Virginia and Wyoming! We're up to 48 countries and 48 U.S. states now. So, writers from Alaska and North Dakota, let's do this: our Issue 3 reading period is now open. You too, Antarctica (penguins, get with the program.)