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The Subnivean Awards in fiction and poetry are now closed. This international literary competition will reopen in late autumn. Prior judges include U.S. Poet Laureate Emeritus Juan Felipe Herrera, Lemony Snicket (AKA Daniel Handler), April Sinclair, Kazim Ali, Arisa White and Joan Silber. We look forward to sharing the names of our incoming final judges, who will rock your socks off!


  • HINT: Junot Diaz once called the incoming Final Judge in Fiction ""the Great American Novelist we're always hearing about." Perhaps that's because John Updike literally named her his 21st century successor...

  • HINT: the incoming Final Judge in Poetry may be an Absurd Man, but that didn't stop him from winning Guggenheim, NEA, Pushcart and many other awards.


Five finalists' work will be

  • forwarded on to the final judges in poetry and fiction

  • published in the summer 2024 issue

  • featured at our hallmark Subnivean Awards event, which is promoted to thousands at SUNY and beyond


Two winners (one in poetry, one in fiction) will also receive

  • a blurb by the appropriate final judge

  • a $150 prize

To read judges' blurbs about previous winners' work, click here.

But what about general submissions?
Yes, we read those year-round.

The stories and poems that we are looking for need not fit into a particular mold; rather, we're seeking work that breaks the mold, grinds it into a fine powder, pours it in a pot of water and brings it to a boil, schleps it up a steep mountainside, drizzles it across the snow and lets it cool, there, into the desired shape.

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