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MICHAEL CHANG (they/them) is the author of many collections of poetry, including SYNTHETIC JUNGLE (Northwestern University Press, 2023) & EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS (GreenTower Press, 2024). They edit poetry at Fence.




Love ! why the hell not !

Cute, racially-ambiguous boy wants me to move to California

He sends out definitive love vibrations, they’re unmistakable

I say nice r u a Jenner !

I have respectable (rich) friends, impeccable followers, remarkable insight

San Francisco is gnarly & full of Chinese

I lock myself in the room w/ the animals & forget I did that

I write a movie where the principal character spends all their time searching for a killer

In the final scenes it is revealed that the character themselves did the deed, offed their lover

I’ll cast in the titular role the love child of Francis O’Hara & Sylvia Plath

I am his most beloved & he has killed me

Yes, I know him, the one responsible for at least 80% of New York City’s broken hearts

They are a hamburger I like very much

When I think of him I can feel the vessels swimming in my eyes

Ur licking my delicate opening, the Teresa Teng of poetry

It’s a thin line between resentment & desire

Are u okay letting me think u hate me (“I hated myself for some time for the things that I said”)

If I tell u Rooney Mara is my dead step-sister, is that giving too much away

Forgive me, sharp shoulders lean body :

Will I be banished henceforth :


here’s what’s happened since u were last on linkedin

ur dirty sayonara

this lifestyle yanked away from me

ludwig kim jones fav boi he put his fats on it

o’hara considering the muse as demon lover

plath looking into the eyes of demon lover

this jack of hearts

always drinking too much

in the middle of a kiss

florida man

wasted like confetti

b mine

please confirm

i’m hooked in a bad way

we’ll put osiris on the case

don’t eat stuff off the sidewalk

i promise u come first

like a lover like a song

it starts & ends w/ u

don’t b afraid if nobody loves u

i’ve been trying to tell u

one day at a time



we help each other

speak aussie down under

peppa pig not for eating


lonely, vulnerable to every influence

fitzgerald claimed no second acts


leopard’s mouth dry, cold inside

pipe down, show me ur pipe game

rush to prove how little i matter

i’ve always been my own person but i want to be defined by u

i said i was singular

u thought i said single

for u

i can always be single

slim bullfighters touching our bare shoulders

a young colin powell before his big speech

guernica covered up

modest in perfect contempt

bleary-eyed, moody

u break my reverie

cavalcade of everything else

i think range is important

what are two things u can’t change?

the past & other ppl

good to remember

but what’s life w/o fantasy ???

rump of a steer

a little mercy

almost enough

& then what ???


date worked out, driving luke evans back into the closet

i will schedule a bilateral meeting w/ musical accompaniment

spicer luv landis, date movie “pianist” (it’s unrequited)

i was raised by a family of religious cheerleaders

we host meet-&-greets at the great wall restaurant

i show up trashed & write beautiful poems abt the lockdown

ask the stone lions if mad mex has a wait

some poems have iconic wordplay & create tension that way

other poems have basic, pedestrian language & r more abt vibes

in any case, predictable white guy who luvs hip-hop

we must build more prisons to expand jailhouse literacy

skin flashing, the cabana boys rush to collect wayward umbrellas

to make it up to u i let u fuck me into a vegetable

save ur strength! don’t show us who u really r!


at ZAC EFRON’s beach house

TRUSSARDI-branded soaps


A multi-hyphenate

CAPULET bromance

an intimate club w/ requisite gang-signs

i detect your silence

you you practiced

personification of ALLURE

fresh face pummeled red & teal

according to that distant sheepdog narcissa

saliva syrupy like PEET’S coffee

FENDI sable coat hurriedly hung

stashed under the stairs

america’s premier soft boi

the lab where he was born


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